Environmental Solutions

Every Trade Group have 30 years’ experience in delivering safe and compliant Environmental Solutions for clients across the Country.  Industry leaders in waste diversion from landfill providing customers with cost-efficient programs for waste management.  We service clients in sectors such as mining, energy, infrastructure, property development, and businesses large and small.  Every Trade Group have the know how to tailor a solution to your waste and recycling requirements.


Hazardous and Restricted Waste, General Waste, Recyclables, and Construction & Demolition Waste are expertly transported to the industry-leading disposal sites appropriately licenced and audited for compliance. Successful Waste Management is measured on waste diversion to recycling. This success is derived from the environmental benefits of resource recovery and the highly reduced cost of re-use and recycling compared to landfill. Every Trade Group provide cradle to grave solutions to business and government departments. We have an extensive history of success to draw upon when developing customer solutions for compliant Waste Management.



With a complete understanding of the intricacies of the Contaminated Sites Act (2003) Cwlth. Every Trade Group have delivered transparent and compliant services for contaminated sites throughout the Country. From small jobs to the largest infrastructure projects in Australia, Every Trade Group have extensive practical experience in contaminated site assessment, customer-specific solutions for the management and disposal of Contaminated Waste and the demonstrated capability to report these successes to our clients.



At the completion of work, Every Trade Group are engaged as the experts in Mine Closure Plans (MCPs) encompassing each direction of the Plan including water treatment on site to the removal of infrastructure.  Our MCPs are practical, achievable, cost-effective and address site-specific closure risks. Our team ensure compliance with National regulations for large-scale and short mine life operations.


In-house technical specialists trained in the field of site rehabilitation work with our clients to develop, plan and implement rehabilitation projects. Every Trade Group engineers and chemists evaluate and continually report on the success of the project whilst suggesting areas for continual improvement. From coastal dune stabilisation to mine rehabilitation, Every Trade Group are the choice in the Australian Mining Industry for Site Rehabilitation.